Welcome to Geraldton Harriers Club 2015 season. If you are a returning member, welcome back. If you are new to Harriers, thanks for the opportunity to bring you in to our community.

This year promises to challenge athletes of all levels, with a wide range of distances and terrain to master. The RunFest is becoming a Geraldton institution, and its past success has shown the event to be a valuable Harriers contribution to Geraldton culture. Let’s support it by telling friends from near and far!

Harriers junior participation has been outstanding in recent years. These are our most enthusiastic members, and the Club is always looking for ways to recognise, celebrate and recruit participants in this category. If you enjoy working with energetic children and have some great ideas, let us hear them; perhaps we can make them happen!

One of Harriers strengths is the generosity of the Committee and members in helping out around the club, particularly in setting up courses. We appreciate all who help keep this part of our club culture strong, so if you like being appreciated put your name forward to volunteer some time towards an event or two.  Just call our Course Coordinator, we can find a job for everyone.

All the best for the 2015 season!


Jason Joyner