Season Wind Up Event and Morning Tea (W),  Sunday 11th September,  2 / 5 km

City Foreshore near Multipurpose Facility, GERALDTON CBD,        ALL START: 8:30am

Notes: All venues have either on-site or portable toilet facilities available.
Venues suitable for wheel chairs are marked (W) in the Event Name.

Followed by Presentations

Geraldton Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank Championship Series Presentations

Senior Club Trophies, Junior Trophies, Leonie Miragliotta Memorial Award and the Wendy Sekuloff Junior Encouragement Award will be presented after the event on Sunday at approximately 10am

For the Club trophies, points are calculated from the results of the four championship races.  To be named champion you must compete or assist in a minimum of 6 ordinary events and anyone who has not fulfilled these criteria has been deemed ineligible.

The Leonie Miragliotta Memorial Award is awarded to recognise the member deemed to have given the great club service throughout the year.

The Wendy Sekuloff Junior Encouragement Award is awarded to a junior member who participates regularly, tries to run, encourages others and has attended harriers for more than a year.  In addition, they cannot be a winner of an age category trophy.

See you after the event on Sunday for a celebration of our club champions!