May the 9th 1971 Under 16, King of Mountains Club Championship. Thanks to Life Member Ross Williams.

Held in paddocks at the southern end of the 90km/hr bendy stretch of Brand Hwy which starts at the Greenough River turnoff Rd. The course was over undulating ground with 8 hills or hillocks and one fence. The terrain would be unchanged if it was held there today. An extract from my writeup in the Guardian at the time….
”The under 16 2-mile was a most exciting race with five runners looking potential winners with 1000 yards to go. The quickening pace took its toll, leaving Peter Dillon and Brian Hall locked together. Both were almost spent at the top of the final hill with Dillon(12.32) having sufficient

strength to take out the verdict by a few feet. Hall(12.33) finished 40 yards clear of Michael Bond(12.44) then Phillip Rodriguez(12.50)”
There were 33 starters with the first four all faster than 4 minutes/km. A total of 105 athletes competed in three races on the day. The photo was taken about 200m downhill from the start. Mark Howard leads the field from Hall(extreme left), Dillon(centre) and  Bond(obscured behind Howard). The club was purely a running race club in the early years.’
Ross Williams, June 2015