Helpful Information

Getting ready for events

1. Don’t forget to register at the registration desk, prior to the start. You will need to put down your name and teh course you are participating.


Wearing your club band

Wearing your club band (we previously called them just timing bands) will allow our club to record numbers at each event, help event marshalls know who is still out on the course (or may have taken the wrong turn), and provide you with your finishing time, place and pace.

For Championship events, the finishing place is used to allocate place points for awarding winners in each championship category.

You may also find this information handy if your are looking to improve your fitness and placing at each event.

Here’s the instructions in how to use your club band and take part in our seasons events:

1. Place your club band securely around your ankle or thread through your shoe lace.  Note it will not record a reading if placed on your wrist.  Record your name and band number on the appropriate event sheet.  Each event is   a different coloured sheet and will remain that colour all season for easy   identification. This must be filled in prior to your race.  Please do this as soon as  you arrive.  The race will commence at the advertised time and will not wait for   late comers. Please ask for help if you need it.

2.  If you participate in a run, you may walk or run. It must be recorded as a run.

3.  If you participate in a walk, you must not run.

4.  When you have passed over the mat at the completion of your walk/run, please  proceed to the   event sheet and mark yourself as returned.

5.  If you do not finish your event, do not pass over the mat.  Proceed to the event  sheet table and record yourself DNF (did not finish) and mark yourself as returned.

6.  You must not use someone else’s band. To qualify for a time, you must be wearing  your own band.  If you forget your band, it is ok to just enjoy your event as usual.    However, you need it to qualify in Championship events.

7.  Your time will be available on the website towards the middle of the week  and in Wednesday’s Geraldton Guardian when possible.


9.  See  Club Recorder, if you are having band/time issues.

Finishing your event

1. Don’t forget to tickyourself off the day’s Event Sheet as completing your event. Event organisers use the sheet to check that everyone has safely returned.


Event Volunteers Needed