Geraldton Harriers RunFest and Marathon 2018 will be held on the 30 June and 1 July

delivering another quality regional event with some of the most attractive prize money in WA

Are you ready for your picture on the podium?

They say the first step is always the hardest.
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Geraldton Harrier RunFest – the perfect course for a first Half-Marathon or Marathon

Here’s why:

#1 It’s a flat course. You don’t have any hills to climb, great to keep your pace

#2 The beautiful sea climate. The fresh sea breeze will fill your lungs with more then enough oxygen to keep you going (or running)

#3 Its local. Invite family and friends to go the journey with you. The course gives many opportunities for them to cheer you and help to keep your legs moving

#4 Its professional.  Leave the details to us whilst you concentrate on your training and event

and the most important reason….

#5 WE RUN WITH YOU! Geraldton Harriers Club has running events every Sunday which is perfect to chat about training, nutrition, equipment and motivation. We’re happy to share our experience and support you on your challenge


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