Event Notification
Devonshire Morning Tea & Coffee with scones

Homestead and Ghost Tour

Hatch Rd, NWC Highway

32km North of Geraldton

Oakabella Homestead(Guided tour of homestead/museum &

Devonshire tea available)

14th June
2/4/8/16* km
Lot 4 Starling Road, OAKABELLA 23km North of 440 R/house on NW Coastal HWY. Turn left onto Hatch Road.
START: 8:30am Long Walkers, 9:00am Others
Notes: All venues have either on-site or portable toilet facilities available. Venues suitable for wheel chairs are marked (W) in the Event Name.
A Google Earth Placemark is attached to this email for guidance to event location.
RunFest 2015 – 4th & 5th July
HBF Geraldton RunFest 2015 is the Geraldton Harriers Club’s premier event and is a festival of running, walking and health celebrating the traditional Marathon. Whilst the Marathon is an IAAF accredited event taking in the magnificent Champion Bay and many iconic landmarks of the City, RunFest 2015 incorporates events for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.
Attached are details of the HBF Geraldton RunFest 2015 to be run over the weekend of 4th and 5th July. Full details and further information can be found by following the link from the club website www.geraldtonharriers.com.
Couch to 2km Training Program
If your kids are looking for a place to start with exercise, the new Couch to 2km Training Program shows them how. Simply follow the link below to access the program and get them off the couch and running!
Couch to 2km Training ProgramThanks to Central West Health and Rehabilitation for designing and hosting the Couch to 2k – HBF Geraldton RunFest Program for Junior RunFest.

If kids are looking for a place to start with exercise, the program shows them how.

The program may also useful for students’ preparation for school cross country and athletics events.

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