Event Notification
Max Smith Memorial
Moresby Range Meander
3rd May
2/4/7 km
5.3km up Chapman Valley Rd on RHS, MORESBY
START: 8:30am Long Walkers, 9:00am Others
Notes: All venues have either on-site or portable toilet facilities available. Venues suitable for wheel chairs are marked (W) in the Event Name.
Club Band Collection
Club bands are now available for collection.
Members wishing to collect bands prior to an event must allow at least 30 minutes before their event start time to do so. The Club Recording and Membership Team is working hard to streamline the check in for events and processing of results, so please be patient. Delays can be avoided by arriving from 8:00am and using the time before start to warm up, socialize with other members or lend a hand!
Events Available to Juniors
It is recommended that junior members in age groups 2-6 and 7-11 years participate in the designated 2km Junior course event.
All 2-6 and 7-11 year olds will be entered into the 2 km Junior event unless their parent or guardian has spoken to the committee about appropriate supervision for their child/children should they wish to complete the Under 16 Short Course event. Parents and guardians are also asked to supervise children when filling in race sheets to ensure they are being completed correctly to prevent unnecessary additional workload when processing results.
Your Personal Time Record
One of the benefits of Club Membership is a timed result of your personal performance each event attended.
Members who are correctly completing race sheets and wearing their Club Band should now be receiving an official time in the published event results. Members must clearly indicate the event they have completed on the race sheet so that their time for that race will appear correctly in the results. If your name is not appearing in the published weekly results, please attend your next event early and see the Club Recorders beforehand.Members can also email in any queries to secretaryThe following link https://geraldtonharriers.com/test/?page_id=139 shall take you directly to event results.
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