Event Notification
Nukara Bush Tub Bacon and Egg Bolt
7th June
2/4/8 km
24km along Chapman Valley Rd, NANSON
START: 8:30am Long Walkers, 9:00am Others
Notes: All venues have either on-site or portable toilet facilities available.

Venues suitable for wheel chairs are marked (W) in the Event Name.

RunFest 2015 – 4th & 5th July
HBF Geraldton RunFest 2015 is the Geraldton Harriers Club’s premier event and is a festival of running, walking and health celebrating the traditional Marathon. Whilst the Marathon is an IAAF accredited event taking in the magnificent Champion Bay and many iconic landmarks of the City, RunFest 2015 incorporates events for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.
HBF Geraldton RunFest 2015 to be run over the weekend of 4th and 5th July. Full details and further information can be found by following the link from the club website www.geraldtonharriers.com.
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