Event Notification
Mothers’ Day Classic (W)
(Breast Cancer Charity event)
10th May
2/4/8 km
Geraldton Foreshore, near Dome, CITY CENTRE
START: 8:30am Long Walkers, 9:00am Others
Notes: All venues have either on-site or portable toilet facilities available. Venues suitable for wheel chairs are marked (W) in the Event Name.
This week the club supports breast cancer awareness and research. All single visit participation will be referred to the Mothers’ Day Classic registration desk. All Club members please register at the Geraldton Harriers Club desk as per a normal event, making a donation if you wish.
Membership Renewals
If you have not yet registered for the 2015 season please be aware that 2014 seasonal memberships expire on the 17th May 2015.
Annual seasonal membership of the club runs from the date of the first championship event each year for a period of 12 months. As such, all 2014 memberships expire Sunday 17th May 2015, the date of the first 2015 championship event. If you have not yet re-registered a friendly reminder to please register online via the club website www.geraldtonharriers.com prior to 17th May to ensure continuation of your membership in 2015.
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